Intuitive Readings

In Sara’s professional and personal realms, her intuitive gifts have helped to offer guidance, reassurance, clarity, and perspective to clients, family, and friends, while they navigate life transitions, shifts, and changes. She has also benefited from this guidance in her own life as well. Learning to come home to her own inner wisdom and follow through with the internal guidance she receives has been a big part of her life’s evolution.

In her own words, “Your intuition, no matter what you call it be it gut instincts, inner nudges, or Spidey senses, always knows the truth and always knows exactly what to do. Too often we get distracted by outside noise and drown out our own inner nudges. We outsource our decision and choice-making to others be it influenced by social media or the opinions of others. If we can learn to tune in, tap in, and switch on our internal guidance system it can reveal solutions, strategies, and actions to take, and offer supportive guidance. The trick is learning the gift of tuning in then trusting and following through with the guidance you receive.” She is delighted to be sharing and guiding others through her intuitive teaching offerings and readings.

If you are looking for clarity regarding an important decision or have a relationship challenge that you’d like some perspective on or are seeking guidance as you navigate a major life transition an intuitive reading with Sara may just be just what you are looking for. Using a unique layout of tarot cards for your specific questions, an intuitive reading with Sara is guaranteed to bring you a fresh perspective, and clarity, and empower you with insights. Sara seamlessly blends the art of being a compassionate translator of tarot with the gifts of her deeply intuitive nature.

Please come to your virtual session prepared with 1 or 2 main questions or areas of your life you’re seeking clarity with. Readings may be recorded upon request. Please note that all Zoom sessions are PST (Pacific Standard Time).

If you have questions about Sara’s intuitive readings call 250-744-4770 or contact Sara today.

NEW Offering!

Looking for a different and engaging activity for your next party, gathering, or event? Intuitive Readings by Sara is the perfect addition! Sara has experience in providing insightful and entertaining tarot card readings for all types of occasions. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, corporate event, or just a fun night with friends, Sara will bring a unique and unforgettable experience to your gathering. Get ready to laugh, chat, and experience what an intuitive reading has in store for you. From love and relationships to career and finances, you’ll gain insight into every aspect of your life in a fun and engaging way. Plus, imagine the memories you’ll create as you share this one-of-a-kind experience with your attendees. Book your intuitive reading experience now call 250-744-4770 or contact Sara today