Celebrating 10 Years: How a Leap of Faith Turned into An Epic Adventure of Growth, Resilience, and Impact

How often do we pause, truly reflect, and express gratitude for the milestones shaping our life path? Today, as I celebrate a decade of growth and transformation, I invite you to join me in this moment of reflection.
Ten years ago, on a chilly January evening in 2014 (Jan 23 to be exact), I found myself alone in the building, where I had worked for several years, standing at the last of my co-worker’s workstations. I had left thank-you/goodbye notes for everyone and now it was time to leave the last note. I knew that this small final gesture would mark the end of one chapter, but little did I know that it would also mark the beginning of a transformative life-changing adventure – one that would redefine the very essence of my career.
As I walked out of the building for the last time, I bid farewell to the comfort of a stable job, one which I enjoyed in many ways for several years. Leaving behind the security of my steady employment was daunting, but an inner voice persistently whispered, “There is more for you to do.”
In time I would realize that this whisper was indeed steering me toward a fulfilling purpose beyond my wildest imagination. Yet in that moment, given the many unknowns that lay ahead, I was not so sure. With a deep breath, I went all in with trust and chose courage over comfort, uncertainty over stability, and took a massive leap of faith.
Things moved quickly!
In the week following, the Universe had its own plans steering me toward my first unexpected adventure. It began with a phone call from a Fire Department seeking help to find ways to enhance the health, well-being, and resilience of its members. I am in awe when I reflect on everything that has been given wings and taken flight from that single phone call.
Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with our courageous first responders—both in law enforcement and firefighting all over Vancouver Island and B.C creating custom programs and training to help them to improve their overall health and well-being, enhance personal resilience, strengthen team, and hone leadership skills.
My journey continued to proliferate; from initially offering mental fitness and resilience training in my living room (OG Mental Fitness Boot-camp peeps I’m looking at you 😄) to creating a tailored program to develop and sustain winning mindsets for high-performance athletes. These athletes not only gained an unfair competitive mental advantage for sport (and life!) they proved it by winning gold medals at World Championships!
And it didn’t stop there.
My initial successes allowed me to expand into empowering workplace teams —to build resilience, enhance well-being, foster psychological safety, build trust, and strengthen communication. Working with healthcare teams, engineers, government branches, private organizations, and non-profit groups, has exposed me to a wide diversity of people and teams. This dynamic exposure constantly challenged me to stay agile, tailoring offerings to meet the unique team needs for maximum impact.
Beyond working with workplace teams, my focus has also extended to serving and supporting individuals, harnessing the power of coaching to uplift leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, parents, and partners – essentially, empowering human beings to become their best.
Throughout B.C., Canada, the U.S., and beyond, I am grateful for all the people I have met and have had the privilege to serve and support. All of you and the experiences we have shared have left an indelible mark on my heart. I honour and celebrate the contribution you have made to my life; and the trust you have placed in me to allow me to contribute to your lives.
On my fridge, I have a magnet. It was my Gran’s that she got out of a Celestial Seasons tea box – one of those bonus gift giveaways from way back. She gave it to me when I was a teenager along with the sentiment that if I always trusted and followed my intuition and was true to myself, I would never be led astray. On it is a picture of a buffalo and a quote by Euripides –
“The wisest follow their own direction.”
Well Gran and Euripides, I couldn’t agree more – such sage advice.
Were these ten years a smooth sail? Absolutely not. Were there doubters, naysayers, and voices whispering “crazy” – including my own? Undoubtedly so. But do I regret this leap of faith? Not even for a fleeting moment. I have never looked back. Every challenge became a stepping stone, every hurdle a lesson, every setback a catalyst for growth. It has all been worth it.
Reflecting on this first decade fulfilling my life’s purpose, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the remarkable experiences and the incredible people who have made these past years nothing short of extraordinary. Every moment shared, every lesson learned, and every opportunity to make a contribution has been greatly appreciated.
To my cherished husband Rick, family, colleagues, and friends: your unwavering love, support, care, and encouragement have been my anchor throughout this remarkable journey. I am profoundly grateful for each of you. You are the best of the best.
As I set my eyes on this new year and decade, I have a heart full of excitement. I embrace the myriad of opportunities to continue to serve and support workplace teams fostering environments where resilience and trust thrive and individuals flourish – it’s my jam!
I look forward to a future brimming with new opportunities, continued growth, and an unwavering commitment to empower teams to thrive. This isn’t just my story; it’s a testament to the power of courage, resilience, and the pursuit of purpose. Thanks to each of you for being a part of this adventure! 🎉