Fire Walking Like Oprah

This past fall I had a profound experience that shifted my life trajectory and elevated my energy to stratospheric heights. It literally resuscitated the joy back into me.

That’s what walking on 2100 degree hot coals will do to you.

I wasn’t aware I had old stories or limiting beliefs that were holding me back. As a self-development junkie for the past 20+ years I thought I had cleared the big ones. Sure “doubt”, “fear”, “not enough” would creep in from time to time; this I always thought that this was my introverted side piping up trying to keep me safe. What else was there?

Ah, that was the fear talking and rightly so.

Then something deep within said “Oh yes you are.” I had a strong sense that I was going to experience a shift; this was going to be an opportunity to leave something behind (and hopefully not burnt flesh).

Over ten thousand people from 54 countries were going to do this together. The build up to this moment was indescribable. Imagine for a moment what it must have been like to have thousands of people barefoot and walking out of an arena together into the Californian moonlit night. It was surreal.

As I was walking, I noticed that I was wrestling with thoughts; back and forth with my logical mind and something deeper. Fight or flight is a powerful innate response as we are hardwired to avoid things like this and yet I was determined to do it.

As I got closer, fear like a crescendo was getting louder as was the excitement. Back and forth and forth and back; so much self-talk between these two sides. I finally had one last rational thought before it came my turn.

“If Oprah can freaking do this; so can I!”

That was enough to tip the needle in favour of doing this walk. It made me laugh to think that this thought would be the thing that would propel me forward; and yet there it was.

Cool moss under my feet let me know it was time. Head up and anchoring my view on a star just off of the horizon I began to walk. I only recall feeling my left foot strike the fire walk then I must have levitated the rest of the way.

Had it not been for the kind volunteers at the end of the walk that let me know I had done it I probably would have kept walking clear across the parking lot!

“Wipe your feet and celebrate!”

That high was something I have never experienced before. There isn’t an emotional register for me to equate what this was.

Mind over matter.

What that experience taught me was how a story that I created in my own mind might have prevented me from experiencing this incredible shift.

I had to wonder, how many stories had I created in the past that held me back and caused me to miss out on delicious opportunities that life offered?

Stop the BS.

So often these self constructed stories or BS as I like to call it (that’s belief systems) hold us back. We keep putting our dreams, hopes, goals on the back burner while we continue to put these old unfounded beliefs or stories in front of us. We rest back thinking that time is on our side except that it isn’t. No wonder we aren’t creating the progress and results that we really want.

There is no such thing as perfect timing to create and go after what you want. I know you get it but what specifically are you doing about those dreams and goals of yours? What actions are you taking?

Here’s the invitation, what old story are you ready to leave behind?

What new story can you now invent moving forward?

What you focus on grows.

NOW is the time.

Time to make your move and say yes.