The Gift of Tuning In

Energetic frequencies are a lot like radio frequencies…all are available at any given time. Antennae are also everywhere…most times our personal antennae are focused on what’s happening externally…news, social media, distractions, our ‘to do’ lists; what others are thinking, saying, etc. Our attention oscillates all over the place to the next thing to grab our attention…running corrupt scenarios in our minds…our not enough stories “good enough, smart enough, worthy enough”. We get stuck in a pattern and addicted to tuning into the disempowering, negative, self destructive, painful external noise of our world and our distorted internal illusions of how we see ourselves.

Ever notice how depleted we get after only focusing on the noise of the external frequencies?

These external frequencies give us something to do with our focus and attention while distracting us from matters of our heart; the inner nudges that are trying to make themselves known to help us with our challenges; to offer insights/guidance to troubling situations etc.

If only we’d shift our focus and attention to these more powerful frequencies also known as your heart; intuition; inner wisdom; inner authority; gut instincts etc.

These frequencies aren’t just for the ‘woo’ inclined. We all have intuition/ instincts. I am sure that you have had experiences where despite cold hard logic and available data, you were guided to take a different direction or make a new choice without any rhyme or reason…then despite said logic you chose to follow through on this nudge and discover it was the best decision or choice. That’s the gift of tuning in and trusting your intuition – it always knows the truth and always knows exactly what to do. All we need to do is be more deliberate and intentional with tuning inwards.

Just like moving the tuning dial on a radio, we can easily change the channel to tune in and listen to our inner wisdom.

All we need is within us now…simply get still, quiet, breathe, ask a question, and listen. I invite you to take a few minutes everyday to give yourself the gift of tuning in.