Your Potential is Unlimited

There is a story behind this message.

A few days ago, I was catching up with a friend down at a local beach. Being ocean side never disappoints with its abundant healing and grounding offerings as well as views.

As my friend and I were chatting away at a seaside picnic table a woman slowly made her way up from the beach towards us. With a big smile and an outstretched hand, she asked if we would like to pick one. Poking out of an envelope were several different patterned bookmarks. We happily played along and chose a pattern/print that spoke to us. On the other side revealed a message. Both my friend and I were pleasantly surprised with the messages we intuitively chose. We thanked this stranger for her kindness and generosity of spirit in sharing these with us.

“Dee” as she introduced herself, began to share that in her view “The world needs more positivity, love, and compassion especially now.” Having gone through her own recent life challenges, the idea came to her to the create bookmarks and offer them to folks she’d meet in the coffee shop or on her walks at the beach. In her words, she simply wanted to “Bring more light into the world.” Her thinking was that if even one of her bookmarks affixed with various messages of love, hope, and encouragement brightened someone’s day or helped someone going through a dark and tough time that’s what would keep her going. It was inspiring to hear her share her mission.

What stood out to me in this interaction was something much more than the message on the bookmark.

It was the humanness of the interaction. The simple yet deeper purpose of Dee’s offerings; her kindness; and pure intentions. Sometimes we forget how small acts of kindness can impact us and those around us in a positive way causing a ripple effect. You never know how impactful, timely, and far reaching your gestures of kindness can go.

Dee, mission accomplished. Thank you for brightening our day and being a light in this world.

To anyone needing to hear this message, your potential is unlimited!